WSAV: Tony Thomas Finally Speaks (Squirms & Sweats) WTOC Investigates Tony (pt. 2) – within the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS WTOC calls on Tony Thomas to RESIGN WTOC Investigates Tony pt. 1 WSAV-TV Update: GA Bureau of Investigation Involved Chief of Police (former) Tells Secret WTOC Begins the Expose (Story 1) Savannah’s Alderman Volume 1 Savannah’s Alderman Volume 2 Savannah’s Alderman Volume 3 Savannah’s Alderman Volume 4 How Tony Treats the South Side he “Represents” Still seeking justice for Josh! WSAV finally covers something about Tony Thomas. Tony Thomas’ Pathetic Attempts at Intimidation Stunning video of Tony Thomas on 7/4/2008 Mark Streeter comes out swinging for the fences. This is what passes for an editorial now? Weak coverage is better than none… Ranger Danger? Where is the anger at this? Above the Law? You get the Government you deserve…Southside deserves better. Tony on the Town Tony’s Financial Practices From his First Term … Why was no one paying attention then? Flash Back on Crime and the Council Reaction to it. The “shining example” of a politician? National League of Cities, Louisville, 2009 National League of Cities Philadelphia and New York City, 2010 National League of Cities, Nashville, TN June, 2012 National League of Cities November, 2009 San Antonio Why does this site exist? Tony Thomas-Savannah Alderman DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ The high cost of “Savannah’s Alderman” Tony Thomas Tony Thomas Circa 2003…Nothing has changed much has it? National League of Cities Washington DC, March, 2007
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